2-D Design Class – Part II

I can’t remember what this unit was about, but here are some sketches that I later painted over. They didn’t turn out well.

The figures by themselves still look pretty cool, though. Just imagine pretty clothes and backgrounds and strawberries-heads.

fash 1 small

fash 2 small.jpg

fash 3 small.jpg

All three were painstakingly drawn, erased, redrawn, tossed, rethought, and adjusted in pencil before I traced them in either GIMP or Illustrator (not sure because I never use GIMP and I don’t have Illustrator). I learned that arms are awkward. Hands are awkward. People are awkward.

2-D Design Class – Part II

2-D Design Class, Summer 2015 – Part I

I thought for a while that I wanted to do art professionally, in illustration or graphic design. I’m shooting now for a Master of Accountancy degree, but who knows. Psychologists and Human Development researchers say that adulthood starts around 25, so I still have a few years to fudge around with life.

Over the summer, I took a class for 2-D design and I loved it. The class itself was not a teach-me-how-to-art class, more like a figure-out-what-art-means class. I learned about the idea of significant form and the principles of color and formal structure and all that great stuff. I didn’t improve execution any, but I really believe my sense of good design has grown.

Here’s my example of semi-formal structure.

semiformal x small.png
in red, brown, teal, and gold cheapo Speedball inks
ooh, shiny.


semiformal orange white small
overlaid with sharp white boxes in photoshop
2-D Design Class, Summer 2015 – Part I