Holiday Weekend

Thanksgiving break was a welcome respite. I love learning and working, and my classes are all (well, mostly) interesting, but I’m a bit burnt out at this point. School would be approximately 67.53% better if I had quarter classes instead of semester ones.

During the extended weekend I had a great Homeless People’s Dinner with the other people in my apartment complex who didn’t go home for Thanksgiving. The mosaic above of roasted duck is not what my sister and I brought for potluck. That actually happened a week before Thanksgiving and is totally unrelated (though it looks delicious, no?). We brought stuffing and rolls instead, which are decidedly less impressive and photogenic.

My dear friend Fatti (it’s not offensive if I use an “i” instead of “y”) drove down to SLC to visit me and also happened to attend the wedding of a family friend (totally coincidental. she was here for me).

And now, I’m back in school, dreading Finals while eagerly awaiting the end of the semester.

(p.s. Asians got it right: white is death. I don’t think I’ll make it through all the snow and ice and sub-20 days.)

Holiday Weekend

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