Gone Shootin’

I’m really not a gun sort of person. In fact, I’ve always been a bit anti-firearms because I don’t like the idea of a weapon so out-of-control. I mean, when you stab someone with a knife, you really mean to stab him. With a gun, it’s different. You might not mean to accidentally-on-purpose pull that trigger.

But I went shooting with a group for the first time today, and it was a real blast. I wish I would have taken pictures. Although I still don’t want to own a gun, I’m definitely up for another round of skeet shooting.

Here’s a pretty sea slug to make up for no action pictures.

Because I live in Utah where apparently your neighbors all own guns, I had the opportunity to try out three types of guns:


This is the first one I tried and definitely my favorite. I thought I would be shooting cans or water jugs, but the mentors flung out clay pigeons instead. I somehow hit 4ish/10ish in what must have been a burst of beginners’ luck. Given my history of zero athleticism, mediocre eyesight, and general clumsiness, that’s pretty much the only explanation.

Rifles are also super heavy (and/or I’m super weak). The shooter is supposed to lean slightly forward to catch the recoil better, but I was leaning way back. No way could I hold it up longer than five seconds otherwise. My upper arm and shoulder front are bruised now, but the fun of hitting something while it was moving is way worth that pain.


Rifles require a lot of skill and patience, I’m sure (well, not that sure. haven’t watched American Sniper yet). Didn’t see that, though. The targets we aimed at weren’t very far away and the weather was sunny, clear, and calm. I felt pretty epic firing this one, though.

And it’s loud. Like, really loud.

The devil's a-comin'! One more sea slug!


Someone told me I was shooting a .22. I’ll take her word for it.

Shooting a handgun was almost cutesy after trying out the big guys. Handguns are also faster and easier than the other too. Disturbingly easy, actually (note: I don’t pretend to be a great marksman. or even a good one). Disturbing as in “wow, you could kill/seriously-injure someone with just that!” So I’m not totally converted.

I got to admit, though, hitting the targets five for five was quite satisfying.

Gone Shootin’